Countries Where Cryptocurrencies Are Most Used Announced

Countries Where Cryptocurrencies Are Most Used Announced


In which countries do cryptocurrencies have real use? 

Although it is known that the countries leading cryptocurrencies are the United States and China, there are very different conclusions and claims about which countries are “most used”. A new study published by the research firm Chainalysis has certainly found results that many investors do not expect.

The report, published under the name Global Crypto Adaptation Index 2020, explained which countries have more cryptocurrency use and awareness than their population. What was surprising was that Ukraine came first, Russia came second and Venezuela came third.

Ukraine and Russia are leading cryptocurrencies

In fact, while many investors expect the United States or China to take the top spot, the cryptocurrency usage data of ordinary citizens has revealed the opposite. According to the data released, China ranks fourth in the use of cryptocurrencies, Kenya ranks fifth, and the United States ranks sixth.

Just below the United States are South Africa, Nigeria in eighth place, Colombia in ninth place and Vietnam in tenth place. In fact, this indicates a significant increase in the use of cryptocurrencies in countries that are experiencing economic problems and do not trust fiat money.

In this list, where countries such as Venezuela, Ukraine, Kenya, Russia, South Africa and Nigeria are at the top, it can be both a pleasant and sad development that Turkey ranks very low. However, cryptocurrency and digital currency developments in Turkey are at the latest speed.

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